Inspect a Property's Critical Components Before Making a Purchase

Arrange for thorough home inspection services in the Billings, MT area

How sturdy is the roof over your head? Do the structural timbers show signs of wood-destroying insect damage? Are the electrical and plumbing features outdated? These are just a few questions the owner of Safety First Inspection LLC will consider when performing your residential inspection in the Billings, MT area. Your safety is our #1 priority.

As part of our home inspection services, we'll inspect your property's mechanical and structural components, including your...

  • Fireplace
  • Windows
  • Crawl space
  • HVAC equipment

We'll provide a detailed report within 24 hours. Call 406-670-2135 now to find out how safe your soon-to-be home really is.

The secret to a stress-free home sale

The secret to a stress-free home sale

Residential inspections benefit more than just homebuyers. Billings, MT area homeowners should get their properties inspected to find out what features need to be repaired or replaced.

Take advantage of our pre-listing home inspection services today so you can breeze through closing.